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The full collection

The full collection


Suitcase contains

Flamingo - Pink flamingo

Sunglasses - Juicy Melon

Sun lounger - Hawaiian suntan

Beach party - Pineapple punch

Camera - Bodi Posi

Palm disc - Beach Paradise

Passport - Bora Bora

Flip flops - Vacay

Buzz off - Citronella

Made with a blend of luxury wax and high end fragrance oils to make the perfect wax melt!

*Product may vary from photo due to each melt being individually hand made*

  • Copyright:

    Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. Intensity wax melts has no affiliation with any of the manufacturers/designers. The name of any ‘similar in scent’ product sold by Intensity wax melts is purely to give the customer an idea of fragrance character.

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