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At Intensity Wax Melts we advocate for safe candles. While we appreciate candles containing botanicals, crystals and glitter look more appealing these are huge fire hazards so we wanted to give our customers beautiful candles without compromising on safety.

What makes our show candles safe?

I wanted to make a show candle range i could be absolutely certain they couldn't be lit by accident and cause a fire! So with that in mind our show candles are essentially wickless the wick is placed around 1cm in to the top of the candle so if one were to be lit it couldn't physically burn down. This also means the tops of our candles don't contain any fire hazards just in case the wick was to  be lit.

Are they scented?

No, candles hold a huge amount of fragrance oil which is why they are such a great way of filling your home with beautiful scents however this also increases the cost significantly. As these are not used for burning there's no benefit of including a scent and it manages to keep costs down by a 3rd! If scent is something you really do want please get in touch but obviously the price will reflect this.

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